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Are you looking for an electrician in Berlin? Start a call by pressing the green icon and request an appointment with a professional service fitter.

Professional authorized service

As an authorized brand seller and installer registered in the installer directory of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH (BEWAG concession), we provide professional electrical installations and repairs.

Emergency electrician on demand

Mobile: +49 177 3567 047

We offer technical support after an electrical emergency, e.g. after a voltage breakdown or power failure. Request an emergency service by pressing the red icon.


We optimize your programmable logic controllers (PLC) and the overall operation of the production process. Considering all aspects of electrical control and drive technology including validation.

Electrical plant engineering

We are your reliable partner, whether you need a basic electrical installation on your estate facility or a general lighting and electrical concept.

Electro Mobility (EV)

We install infrastructures with charging stations and wall boxes, including intelligent charging management that fits your individual e-mobility concept.

Photovoltaic system

We support you in achieving more independence with future-proof energy storage for your PV system. E. g. with a charging management system that regulates the storing of electrical energy between the e-car and the power storage system.

Renewable energies

With intelligent load management, you can avoid uneconomical operation with renewable energies. For example, we ensure that your photovoltaic systems are operated efficiently in conjunction with power storage and e-car.

Heat pumps

Depending on the choice of source, costs for heat pumps can vary: soil, air, or water. For example, water as a heating source requires a water reservoir. An air-source heat pump, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere. We advise you!

Energy efficiency

With the number of different energy labels and subsidy programs, it can be challenging to take the correct measure. Therefore, we clarify questions about energy efficiency and the guidelines you need to follow.

Lighting installations

When it comes to lighting projects, it's not just design and aesthetics that matter. The position of the lighting connections and safety-relevant aspects are important as well. With many years of experience, one of our expertise is planning lighting projects.


Make your property a secure place by installing an alarm or burglar alarm system - including fire protection, fire protection switch and SOS dial to the security guard.


We are in audio & video concepts as well as in light & media and realize the integration and control with your electrical installation.

Network installations

More and more "smart" devices are connected to each other. We make sure that your home exhibits the basic conditions for a smart home , e.g. with a sufficient number of network connectors.

Smart Home

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) have brought smart daily objects and smart living rooms. We are the right partner for you when it comes to planning, installing and maintaining your smart home.

You are interested in an own charging station or wallbox?

In times of limited fossil resources, investing in electro mobility is an important and sustainable way to go. From planning to the installation of electric charging stations and wallboxes, we are at your side with our expertise.

We are a certified specialist for the planning and installation of systems with one charging point and with multiple charging points.

Are you looking for a smart home solution?

When does your washing machine run? During the day or at night? With all saving options and automation potentials in mind, together with you, we plan your smart home solution. We advise you on all aspects and connect your devices in an intelligent way and make sure that you have the benefit of low energy costs.

Protect your home against housebreakers

In times of increasing numbers of burglaries, access control and alarm systems give a secure feeling. No matter where you are, the system detects when an unauthorized person is trying to gain access to your home. You will then be notified immediately. If desired, a 24/7 manned alarm center can also ensure that security company is called to the location in case of a break-in and, if necessary, that the police are also alerted.

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